Droid Does!

I got my hand on a Motorola Droid yesterday and it is pure nerd bliss! The screen is super responsive, although I do wish it supported iPod Touch like gestures. The web browsing is amazing! Slashdot.org looked perfect on its long screen. The apps started almost instantly when selected. I was impressed with its GPS app as it was able to give me accurate information even in the mall. I loved the voice search, although I wish it would work with the GPS, but I was impressed with the fact that it spelled my name correctly. All in all, I WANT THIS PHONE. For more information check out verizon’s website, www.droiddoes.com and Google’s android site at www.android.com.


The iPod Thing…

I started searching the net for ideas to make a few extra bucks and, instead of just  the usual scams and advertisements, I came across a genius idea, loading iPods. I know it sounds like something that anyone should be able to do for themselves, but it makes sence. You see, every CD you load onto your computer takes an average of 5-10 minuets to copy and convert to iPod, or MP3  player manageable files, and some people have dozens, if not hundreds of CD’s. It seems that in larger cities that this is big business, here in Nebraska it doesn’t seem to have caught on yet. So I placed an ad on www.craigslist.org and we will see how it goes. This might be something that won’t take off until after Christmas though.  


Starting out…

So, I am coming up on a change in my life and I decided that I will document this change online. This blog will be used as a repository of my ideas to make money, comments on new tech toys that I want, and musing on life in general. My goal is that by pulling these thought from my head and placing them here it will give me the motivation to move ahead with them. so here it to the future!

Mike Fontaine