iPad Panic…

When I think of the iPad I get the warm fuzzies. I love my iPod Touch, and my Droid, and I can see all possibilities, but I don’t think that Apple can.  I think they are missing out on some obvious functionalities, and being the purveyors of both the hardware and software they can easily implement. What they need to do is create a VNC client that allows you to connect over your home network from your iMac to your iPad. Imagine watching a TV show on your computer, deciding you want a snack, so you just pick up your iPad and continue watching as you walk to the fridge and sit at the table. Then when the show is over you sync your iTunes, and as you leave the network it automatically switched over to the normal iPad interface.  Hey, it could happen.

iPad pooched?

So like every other geek on the planet I logged in today to check out the new iPad., and I am underwhelmed. I love my iPod touch, but this just looks lik an iPod Touh, but larger. No camera, no flash, no multitasking?? Really for 500+ I was hoping for at least the same functionality as my 250$ netbook. Hell I could mod a netbook with a touchscreen for less. Pah, see it for yourself at engadget.com .