Lost time…


Its been a while since I have updated my blog, so I figured I’d do something to make t worth while. I have downloaded the WordPress Android app,  and am currently posting from it. Oddly this seems more natural and easier than posting from my computer. I’m sure that it wont look as pretty,  or well composed,  but I find that I like using the predictive typing feature and the touch keyboard is easy to use. All in all,  this is an enjoyable experience. Now, let’s see if I can figure out how to add a picture to this…

Day One With Droid

Day one of Droid

So this is my first day with my Droid, and I love it. The internet is fast and responsive. I have found pretty much all the apps I need, and a bunch I don’t need. I have no glaring issues, yet. There are a few things that I’m not 100% on, but nothing that is making me doubt the phone. So far here are my top 10 things I enjoy about the phone.

  • Multitasking: To answer all those iPhone people that can’t see a reason for multitasking, I say My Tracks, Pandora, iheartradio, Android Manager Free, etc, etc, etc.. There are many uses for background processes that the iPod/iPhone cant do, yet.

  • The Screen: Large, responsive, bright, and great resolution.

  • Physical Keyboard: OK this will also end up on part of my dislikes as well, but just the directional keys make a big difference over the iPod Touch for editing text. I wish that they made it a little smaller or a optical mouse or something, because it makes it awkward to use your right thumb to type.

  • AR(Augmented Reality): I’ve been playing with Layar, Wikitude, and SpecTrek Light, and they are nifty. I don’t know how useful these apps are here in Omaha, but if I was in NYC or Boston I’m sure they would be more awesome. I also love the bar code scanners and Google’s Goggles, a visual search, which I put in this category as well.

  • The Camera: 5MP and crystal video. Integrated Facebook and YouTube right in the camera app. Killer. Sadly YouTube will not upload unless you are WiFi.

  • WiFi: With me being a “heavy user” I’m sure if I did not have a WiFi option I would go way over my minutes.

  • Coverage: I have not had less than 3 bars of 3g anywhere yet, and I live on the edge of Omaha, N.E. Surrounded by cornfields. Say what you want to about Verizon, but they have the best 3G coverage. I have been averaging 1-2 Mbps according to the Speed Test App.

  • Tethering: there is a free tethering app, PdaNet, which is free for the lite version (no HTTPS) and a one time 29.99 charge for the full version. How long this will still work is up to Verizon, but for now it rocks.

  • Google Everything: All the Google apps rock, Goggles, Voice, Maps (with Navigation), Listen, etc. All seem to work seamlessly, for now.

  • Robo Defense Free: The most awesome freeware game I have played on any mobile device.

OK now lets talk about my five dislikes:

  • The Power/Wake Up button: This needs to be moved, made bigger, or something. It is awkward and hard to hit.

  • The App Store: I love how easy it is to use on the phone, but I hope Google takes a page from Apple and comes out with a version where you can access it from your PC, download, and synch. I would also love to see an all in one App that also has media store and management functions as well. Hell, I just want a gTunes.

  • A Better Media Player: The one that it comes with functions, but it could be better. The iPod wins hands down in this area.

  • A Better Keyboard: In the interest of keeping it thin, the Droid has a flat, awkward, keyboard. Its better than no keyboard, but not by far.

  • A Better UI: I really wish the Droid came with the Sense UI or the Moto Blur UI. It’s not bad, but I do like the iPhone/iPod Touch UI a bit better. It’s not bad, I like to compare it with Windows XP vs OS X, sure Apples got the better UI but Android(and XP) have a more open format.

Droid Does!

I got my hand on a Motorola Droid yesterday and it is pure nerd bliss! The screen is super responsive, although I do wish it supported iPod Touch like gestures. The web browsing is amazing! Slashdot.org looked perfect on its long screen. The apps started almost instantly when selected. I was impressed with its GPS app as it was able to give me accurate information even in the mall. I loved the voice search, although I wish it would work with the GPS, but I was impressed with the fact that it spelled my name correctly. All in all, I WANT THIS PHONE. For more information check out verizon’s website, www.droiddoes.com and Google’s android site at www.android.com.