Day One With Droid

Day one of Droid

So this is my first day with my Droid, and I love it. The internet is fast and responsive. I have found pretty much all the apps I need, and a bunch I don’t need. I have no glaring issues, yet. There are a few things that I’m not 100% on, but nothing that is making me doubt the phone. So far here are my top 10 things I enjoy about the phone.

  • Multitasking: To answer all those iPhone people that can’t see a reason for multitasking, I say My Tracks, Pandora, iheartradio, Android Manager Free, etc, etc, etc.. There are many uses for background processes that the iPod/iPhone cant do, yet.

  • The Screen: Large, responsive, bright, and great resolution.

  • Physical Keyboard: OK this will also end up on part of my dislikes as well, but just the directional keys make a big difference over the iPod Touch for editing text. I wish that they made it a little smaller or a optical mouse or something, because it makes it awkward to use your right thumb to type.

  • AR(Augmented Reality): I’ve been playing with Layar, Wikitude, and SpecTrek Light, and they are nifty. I don’t know how useful these apps are here in Omaha, but if I was in NYC or Boston I’m sure they would be more awesome. I also love the bar code scanners and Google’s Goggles, a visual search, which I put in this category as well.

  • The Camera: 5MP and crystal video. Integrated Facebook and YouTube right in the camera app. Killer. Sadly YouTube will not upload unless you are WiFi.

  • WiFi: With me being a “heavy user” I’m sure if I did not have a WiFi option I would go way over my minutes.

  • Coverage: I have not had less than 3 bars of 3g anywhere yet, and I live on the edge of Omaha, N.E. Surrounded by cornfields. Say what you want to about Verizon, but they have the best 3G coverage. I have been averaging 1-2 Mbps according to the Speed Test App.

  • Tethering: there is a free tethering app, PdaNet, which is free for the lite version (no HTTPS) and a one time 29.99 charge for the full version. How long this will still work is up to Verizon, but for now it rocks.

  • Google Everything: All the Google apps rock, Goggles, Voice, Maps (with Navigation), Listen, etc. All seem to work seamlessly, for now.

  • Robo Defense Free: The most awesome freeware game I have played on any mobile device.

OK now lets talk about my five dislikes:

  • The Power/Wake Up button: This needs to be moved, made bigger, or something. It is awkward and hard to hit.

  • The App Store: I love how easy it is to use on the phone, but I hope Google takes a page from Apple and comes out with a version where you can access it from your PC, download, and synch. I would also love to see an all in one App that also has media store and management functions as well. Hell, I just want a gTunes.

  • A Better Media Player: The one that it comes with functions, but it could be better. The iPod wins hands down in this area.

  • A Better Keyboard: In the interest of keeping it thin, the Droid has a flat, awkward, keyboard. Its better than no keyboard, but not by far.

  • A Better UI: I really wish the Droid came with the Sense UI or the Moto Blur UI. It’s not bad, but I do like the iPhone/iPod Touch UI a bit better. It’s not bad, I like to compare it with Windows XP vs OS X, sure Apples got the better UI but Android(and XP) have a more open format.

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